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Welcome to Everybody Loves Baby! This is where I document the bilingual adventures of my Cuban/Venezuelan/American family. I started this blog in June of 2009 when I was thirty-six weeks pregnant with my son Luki. It began as a way to chronicle just how crazy excited everybody around me was acting about the kid in my uterus. When my mother went out and purchased a special washer and dryer with a “baby wear” function, I just had to share her ridiculous exuberance with the Internet.

Since then, I’ve blogged about things like: pushing out a baby without pain medication; getting attacked by poop missiles; my husband’s obsession with cheesy chick flicks; and working topless as I pump Luki’s precious boob elixir.

In November of 2009, when Luki was just shy of five months old, my father died suddenly and unexpectedly. This blog is also the place where I try to make sense out of that tragic event. Every week, I honor my dad’s memory by writing Luki a letter about his grandpa.

So there you have it. Poop. Boobs. Birth. Death. Chick flicks. Ridiculous purchases by overzealous grandmothers.

All in the name of a baby everybody loves.