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A Laundry Story

Because I’m making a baby with the lieutenant of timeliness, productivity, and efficiency, there is really very little left for us to do except wait for Belly. Our nursery had freshly painted walls and new floors installed during the first trimester and all of baby’s furniture and accessories have long been assembled (nursery post to come soon!).

One of the few things pending is the laundry. A little known fact to those who haven’t reproduced is that, apparently, babies can’t wear clothes off the rack. Their clothes and sheets need to first be washed with a special baby soft detergent. If it were up to Ton Ton, Belly’s clothes would have been washed long ago, however, Big E strictly prohibited us from doing laundry until she inspected our washer and dryer. Needless to say, our four year old Maytags did not pass inspection. “These need to be completely disinfected before you can wash Belly’s clothes!”, proclaimed Big E. “I am going to disinfect mine, and start washing some of the clothes and other things I have bought for Belly at my house.”

And so, after several days of cleaning her perfectly clean washer and dryer, Big E began to wash Belly’s things. After washing, she refused to dry anything on a cycle that produced heat (“that static is so bad for baby!”)…and so decided to use the “Air Dry” function. After having Belly’s clothes tumble around for an hour or so, she opened the dryer to find…..completely wet clothes. So, she did what any reasonable person would do: continued to use “Air Dry” for several hours until her dryer broke.

It’s alright. Big E had been wanting a new washer and dryer for some time. So off she went to the store with Uli in search for new ones. And what factor do you think influenced her decision to purchase? Price? Color? Brand? Size? Nope.

Big E managed to find a washer and dryer with a “Baby Wear” function. Her mind was made up.

Not only that, but now that she has a front loading washer and dryer that she can stack on top of each other, she has extra room in her laundry. She immediately commissioned Uli to make her a counter with a nice big sink. The perfect bathtub for Belly!

The end result? Baby clothes that have been washed, dried, folded, and individually wrapped in plastic (to keep the dust away, of course!).

And a traumatized and terrified Ton Ton, more about that in a future post….


Welcome to everybodylovesbaby! I meant to start this blog a while ago to document my pregnancy and all the insanity surrounding it, but alas, I am a slacker. Hey! At least I’m still pregnant! I have four more weeks to go. I will write about pregnancy highlights in a future post, but this blog will really be about the adventures of baby, being new parents, and the whole lot of other people involved in this journey. If my pregnancy is any indication, things are really going to get exciting when I pop this kid out.

Let’s begin by introducing the main characters:

Belly: is our baby. We do not know the sex. If it is a girl, we will continue to call her Belly (spelled Beli) as her name will be Belén. If it is a boy, his name will be Lucas, no cute nickname yet. Lulo? Perhaps. Currently, Belly’s favorite activity is waking mom up at 4:00 a.m. with an insatiable appetite.
**Belly is now Luki! a healthy, beautiful baby boy born on July 2, 2009. We don’t know much about him yet, except he has giant hands and loves to eat.

Ton Ton: is my husband and baby daddy. His favorite things are: 1. playing guitar; 2. cleaning and organizing; 3. finishing projects once he starts them. Pregnancy has turned him into a sap. He thinks I don’t notice, but he totally gets teary eyed when we read “Guess how much I love you” to Belly. What a crybaby!

Big E: is my mother. To say she is excited about Belly is a gross understatement. Have you seen the 12 year old girls at the Jonas Brothers concerts? That is exactly how she acts every time she steps into Babies R Us. Big E is also Ton Ton’s nemesis. They have a love/HATE relationship.

Uli: is my father and a superhero. He can build anything you can imagine, cook the best Cuban food, and make sure Big E’s car always has gas in it, all at the same time, and with a smile. Uli secretly wants Belly to be a boy; he has to keep it secret because Big E wants a girl and she will not hear it any other way.

Mamacita: is my mother in law. She lives in Venezuela, but visits often. Mamacita likes to book her trips to the U.S. for three months at a time so that she can have two months to complain about how much she misses home. She will be joining us in October, again for three months. Belly will be her seventh grandchild, but the first from her precious Ton Ton, so she is quite thrilled.

Ani: is my brother and a superhero in training. Despite being quiet and laid back, strange things happen to him all the time. He is excited about Belly, but expresses his feelings in a normal, non-seizure inducing kind of way.

There are many others who will be part of this adventure, and I will be sure to introduce them as they appear.

Now that you know some of the characters, I’ll be back soon with stories!