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Your grandpa was awesome! Week #43

Dear Luki,

This is not going to be a real letter. I am in Greensboro for a work conference and it’s 11:40 pm on Wednesday so I don’t have much time to write up a whole narrative about your grandpa. But I want to tell you something I’ve been thinking about a lot this week. It’s something your grandpa used to say all the time, but, until he died, I never really understood it.

Here it goes:

There is a solution to everything.

Your grandpa always used to say it when we were stressed out about anything. “In life, there is a solution to everything, except death.”

Death gives you the sharpest kind of perspective, Luki. And, ever since that terrible day in November, every time something is worrying me or stressing me out, I ask myself: “Did any of the people I love just die?” And, when I realize that the answer is “No,” that I’m just fretting about money, or my boss, or the fact that I forgot to defrost the chicken I planned to make for dinner… I feel so much better.

And maybe you won’t understand this until someone you love dies. And I really, really, really wish you didn’t have to go through something like that. But I know you will, because people die. They die all the time.

And it seems like this letter just took a really depressing turn, but that wasn’t my intention. My point is, Luki, that most of the crap life throws your way is no big thing. That you can figure your way out of it. That everything will be alright, no matter how bad it looks. Because people die. People could have died. And when they don’t… well… you should be happy. Even if you’re broke, or in jail, or your girlfriend just left your for your best friend. Even if you got an F on your Economics final, or your car won’t start. Even if you missed your flight or got caught in the rain without an umbrella. It’s no big thing. Because all the people you love are alive. And it’s the people that matter most.

Remember that, always.



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