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Your grandpa was awesome! Week #47

Dear Luki,

It’s been one year. Your grandpa has been gone for an entire year. The last time I saw him, outside of the hospital, was Thanksgiving night 2009. I’d made a turkey and he was the first person to compliment it, declaring it the juiciest bird he’d ever tasted. That night, before sitting down to dinner, he prayed. It was weird because he didn’t usually pray in public. He gave thanks for his family and friends, for his wife’s health, for you. And I love that in the last memory I have of him he was counting his blessings.

Thanksgiving rolled around again this year. We didn’t get together with tons of family and friends. We didn’t even make a turkey… but we counted our blessings.

After your grandpa died, there were moments when I thought we wouldn’t survive the next minute, and now we’ve made it an entire year. And even though it’s been an incredibly difficult year, all of us — your grandma, your uncle Ani, and I — we find something to laugh about every single day. We still dream and trust and love and hope.

A terrible thing happened, a thing that tried to knock us out — it hit us with its best shot — and, by the grace of God, we are still standing.

I’ve been thinking about today for a long time. I always imagined that I would want to write about that day a year ago. About the hospital scene. About the heart-wrenching pain. About the overwhelming despair. It’s all still incredibly vivid, haunting me whenever I close my eyes. But it hasn’t defined me.

When he was in the hospital, I prayed with all my heart for a miracle. Until today, I thought my prayer had gone unanswered.

Surviving this year is the biggest miracle I’ve ever seen.



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  1. Thanks so much for the review…glad the crackers were a hit!

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